Prospect Shopping Centre Screening Our 2014 Video

Adam Clark contacted Ammie today in order to ask if we would be willing to send our Hull Fashion Week 2014 video to Prospect Centre so they could screen it at their Fashion Week 2015 party. Of course, Ammie and I were more than happy to send the video to them, which gives us more exposure and other people will be able to see our video work. This gives us a chance to establish a name for ourselves in a professional context.

Here’s the email Ammie received from Adam:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 15.07.29

Documentary Research- YouTube

As with the research subjects I found, Vlogbrothers and Good Mythical Morning, Ammie also found this channel: Nicole Guerriero, a beauty vlogger who also uses the direct-to-camera technique, as if speaking to the audience at home. In the video that Ammie found, Nicole Guerriero talks about her experience of seeing how her makeup line is being made, whilst walking around the factory and testing out the products herself, intercut with pieces to camera. This is similar to what Ammie and I aim to do with our video of Fashion Week. Here’s the url to the video:

screen-shot-2015-05-21-at-16-24-08 screen-shot-2015-05-21-at-16-26-57

Documentary Research- Piece to Camera

For our pieces to camera throughout the video, I researched YouTube channels to find inspiration. One of the channels that I really enjoyed was Good Mythical Morning, a duo who speak directly to the camera in their videos and are personable and entertaining to watch.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 15.12.32Since we are quite bubbly in personality, Ammie and I would give off a similar vibe in our videos to the two guys in Good Mythical Morning’s talk show.

Another channel I looked at was Vlogbrothers. Although the personalities in these videos talk solo to the camera, they discuss to the audience what happened during the week, whether it’d be personally, nationally or internationally. This is why I chose them as a research subject.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 15.36.52Ammie and I would explain to the audience what is happening at the events we attend, and post-Hull Fashion Week, we will discuss our thoughts on how well we thought the week went, much like John and Hank Green on the Vlogbrothers channel.

Update from Client 2

Unfortunately, Adam from Sowden & Sowden was unable to get in contact with Victoria and therefore she will not be walking on the runway for Fashion Week 2015. There was always the possibility of this being an issue, since only her social media accounts were available to Ammie and I in order to contact her.

However, since this was just an additional idea of ours, it will not affect our ability to produce the Fashion Week film, as plenty of other events will be happening that we can capture during the week.

Gantt Chart

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 14.17.02

Last week, I completed a gantt chart for the first three weeks of our degree show preparation. I identified the jobs each of us will do in order for us to hold a successful degree show. For example, Becky and myself will design the posters and flyers etc.

Rough Sketches of Front and Back Cover

Here are some quick drawings I did of how I want the front and back cover of Unimag to be laid out. After finding a front cover look that I thought would work well for my magazine, I decided to quickly sketch what I plan for it to look like as a finished product. 

As I have previously posted, the front cover will feature a candid full body image of one of my interview subjects. The back cover will feature upcoming events happening at HSAD, Hull College, or in the city of Hull, that will be of interest to my target audience: students.


Meeting with Adam Clark (Sowden & Sowden)

Yesterday, Ammie and I went to Sowden & Sowden’s offices in Hessle to meet with Adam Clark, who is organising the Fashion Week this year.

When we got there, we were shown to their “ideas box” which is used for their meeting room to generate ideas. Once Adam arrived, we explained to him that we wanted to do our video as a magazine style documentary, which he liked. This is also when we told him about the idea to use Victoria on the catwalk as part of the ‘This is Hull’ segment, which he was also up for.

He told us that the event will be fairly similar to the event from last year, but he was hoping that the finale would be the best one yet. He also mentioned that Sophie Anderson would return to the runway after being the face of Hull Fashion Week 2014. Celebrity stylist Lewis-Duncan Weedon, who styled the presenters the previous year would also be returning.

As he went through the events being held by Sowden & Sowden and the businesses in Hull, Ammie and I decided which ones would be best to cover and film at, which gave us some preparation in terms of shot lists and so on.

Page List

My magazine will be 17 pages in length and will include:

  1. Front cover (Jools candid image)
  2. Contents page (with images from stories)
  3. Student profiles
  4. Student style (double page spread)
  5. Interview with Jools (transgender student studying at HSAD; four page spread)
  6. Student recipes (on a budget food shopping; double page spread)
  7. Interview with Ian (previously homeless student at HSAD; four page spread)
  8. The perks of being a student (double page spread)

Why I chose this content:

I wanted the content of my magazine to appeal to all genders, so I conciously decided on what to include in my magazine based on this. To cover all bases, I wanted to have a fashion feature in the magazine, but one that could be of interest to men and women. I also decided to have a page dedicated to student profiles, not just from my university, but from Hull and the surrounding areas. I have picked two graduates and two undergraduates to profile in Unimag, to give a little bit of diversity.

My target audience is university students, so starting with this, I wanted content that would be young and interesting to the target market. Interviews with university students was something I definitely wanted to have in Unimag, mostly because it would help identify a connection to the market, and give a personable, true to life element to the magazine. I asked around with my peers to see if anyone at my university had a story they wanted to be told about their life. This is how I came across the stories of Jools Oughtibridge and Ian Judson, a transgender man, and a previously homeless man who has turned his life around. Because I knew the two men personally, it made it easier for me to set up interviews and ask them questions about their past.

In addition, I wanted to include food recipes that would be of interest to students living away from home. I went from the angle of budget shopping and how easy the recipes are to complete. I think this way the recipes would be appropriate for the target market. The final piece I chose to include in the magazine was a fun, funny and relatable post about the perks of being a student. This spread is light-hearted and I thought it would be a good piece to conclude my magazine with.

I initally wanted to end my magazine with upcoming events in the area, but after some thought, and as we are coming to the end of the university year, events were limited and would have been location specific, also limiting my audience to people in the area of Hull.