Researching Student Magazines

Cosmo on Campus

This magazine is a 32-page glossy aimed at female students. It’s substantially shorter that their monthly publication which I took into account when deciding that my magazine should be half that size in length. Since this magazine is specifically for feminine readers, I will not take as much inspiration from its content. The magazine also comes in an online format, which I think broadens its target market reach.


LMU (Loyola Marymount University’s monthly magazine)

This publication is the magazine for Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I really liked its simplicity in terms of aesthetic and professionalism, so that was the main takeaway from finding this publication. The content is drastically different from Cosmo on Campus and is a bit more serious and businessy-like than what my magazine will contain. Nevertheless, I think the magazine is effective in its appearance and I like the fact that you can purchase an online copy through the Apple Store.