Client 2- Filming Fashion Week (10/4/15)

Yesterday, we had so much to film. It wa a packed day filled with events, from the finale rehearsals, to Prospect Centre’s Fashion Week party.

Firstly, we attended the fashion shows held at Debenhams department store. This also included a free gift bag (which was massive!) filled with face creams, perfume samples, hand creams, and much more. The attendance was limited to 12 people or so, but each time the seats were filled. The catwalks were varied in gender and age, meaning there was something for everyone, and Debenhams made use of the escalators by incorporating them into the runway.


Next up, we went to Skyline Studios where the models were rehearsing for the finale catwalks. They were taught how to walk and to make use of their time on the catwalk to make it interesting with different poses and such. Paul Spence and his charity then arrived to practice their walk down the runway, and were encouraged by everyone to take their tops off! (No complaints about that from anyone.)

Ammie and I filmed the rehearsals from different angles, giving variety to the shots. Afterwards, Ammie and I attempted our own runway walks, which we also filmed. This gives the video a funny and upbeat feel for the viewers.


Following the rehearsals, Ammie and I attended the party at Prospect Centre to celebrate Fashion Week 2015. We were greeted at the entrance and told there would be free drinks all night. Inside, there was a dancefloor, a photobooth, a make-your-own-cocktail station, and our video from last year was also looped on screens around the event space.


The party was great fun, and the vibe was relaxed and cool. We filmed ourselves having fun in the photobooth with other attendees, and also us dancing and having fun. We also filmed Adam Clark (of Sowden & Sowden, who organised the whole week’s events) having a laugh with props in the photobooth.