Client 2- Filming Fashion Week Finale

Today was the Fashion Week finale at Hull City Hall. Ammie and I got there early, at about 10am, to film the shenanigans and last minute prep backstage with the models. We got access all areas passes and Fahion Week 2015 t-shirts in order to be able to film wherever we wanted.

The launch of the finale happened again on the City Hall balcony, with the presenters, Keeley Donovan and Nineties Boy, and models letting off baloons in Fashion Week’s signature colour, pink!

We filmed backstage were the models were getting beautified. We also filmed our friend Becky getting her makeup done by the makeup artist working at the event. To get different angles for this, Ammie filmed Becky’s face, and I filmed the makeup artist applying the products. This would make the footage in the video more interesting than one long shot. It also gives viewers the chance to see what goes on backstage and gives them a few tips about makeup!

Later on, we went to Theiving Harry’s set up upstairs in City Hall, we tried out some of the snacks and this will give the documentary a more personable and light-hearted feel to it, which matches well with the subject matter.

We filmed all the catwalks, including promwear, workwear, sportswear and more. To make the video feel more inclusive, we captured audience reactions, in particularly when Paul Spence and his friends walked the catwalk, and afterwards when the men took their shirts off to throw into the crowd.

We used different angles to film the catwalks, which included high birds eye view shots, close ups, shots from the front of the stage and the sides. This was in order for the audience to see the fashion in different ways and to make the end product more varied in terms of footage and angles.

Becky also helped out with camera work when Ammie and I wanted to do a piece to camera, informing the viewers what was happening throughout the day. Overall, I think the finale was much better than last year’s. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the event was consistently busy all day.