Evaluation of Hull Fashion Week 2015 Documentary

What worked well?

  • Our organisation with attending and filming the events. I liked that we approached this video in a documentary style, which makes it different than the one we produced for Hull Fashion Week last year. I had fun being more involved on camera with the video, and it gave the video a more personal, light-hearted and comical feel. This year, we were able to get more access to the preparation for the finale, being given the chance to film catwalk rehearsals. This gives off the documentary feel, as it lets the audience know what goes on behind the scenes and what goes into organising a major event like Fashion Week.
  • Some of the pieces to camera were improvised by Ammie and I, which gives a spontaneous feel, which I liked. I also love giving Ammie tips on what shots to include in the final video (editing is mostly her area) but I’m nitpicky and I always have feedback for her to improve certain bits of the video or asking to replace certain shots with ones I feel fit better with the flow of the video. All the footage we captured throughout the week was fab and it would have been great to include it all, but unfortunately the video would have been 3 hours plus long!I really enjoyed being director (but not bossy) with choosing how to film the events. I also think I have a good eye for what would be interesting to the viewer, so I think directing myself and Ammie to capture the most interesting goings on was fun and enjoyable.
  • I think our good working relationship with the client, Sowden & Sowden, was nice to have. Adam was supportive of all our little ideas and our vision for the video, and trusted us with whatever we wanted to do. We gave him a plan of what we wanted to include in the documentary and did not feel any pressure from him during the filming or editing process.
  • I feel that the footage we have captured this year, and the inclusion of Ammie and I actually taking to the cameras, will help set it apart from our 2014 video. I also think this video will make for better viewing and we have improved on our video production skills.

What didn’t work so well?

  • The main thing for me was the filming trouble at House of Fraser’s catwalk event. Not being able to film because of brand guidelines was a major dissappointment, as we wanted to include as much footage of the week as possible. Adam wasn’t aware that filming wasn’t allowed at the event, so we turned up expecting to capture footage.
  • One of our SD cards did not work when put into our video camera, so that was irritating. Luckily, I carried multiple spares in case something like this happened.

What would I improve?

  • I wouldn’t improve anything from this experience. On a whole, I feel that the pre-production and filming process went so smoothly for me. I feel my working relationship with Ammie is a big acheivement as we support each other and bring out each other’s strengths. We work well as a team and have our own skills, but can also overlap with skills to help improve each other as working professionals. Comparing what we produced last year to this year’s video, it is evident that we have expanded our filming ability and also our interviewing skills. We have also become more confident in front of the camera.