Why I Used Issuu

As I had created a magazine, I wanted it to be available for users online. In order to see what that would look like, I decided to use Issuu. I saved my magazine as a print, double page spread PDF, and created an Issuu account for Unimag.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 14.22.18 1My magazine will be available to a larger audience by being online, and not only for students in the East Yorkshire area. The readers will be able to flip through my magazine on any of their electrical devices, as Issuu is available on smartphones, tablets and computers. The software of Issuu was simple to understand and easy to use, and I’m happy with the way you could easily upload your product, choose a url name, and view it almost straight away.

Url: http://issuu.com/unimag-magazine/docs/unimag1