Client 2- Feedback

Adam Clark from Sowden & Sowden was kind enough to provide us with feedback of our working relationship with him and our final product for Hull Fashion Week 2015:

“Having Ammie and Jen as part of the Hull Fashion Week team for a second year was great – great from an event organiser point of view and even better when we got to see the final product:

Being the conscientious and outgoing personalities that Ammie and Jen are, they approached me and the HFW team back in December to see if they could be a part of the event again, to which of course I said yes – my only concern was that I didn’t want them to film the event like they did last year, I wanted them to take a different approach and challenged them to create a new and exciting addition of Sofa Talk.

They both came back to me with a variety of ideas and we stuck to take a much more interview style approach – as this idea grew, they both wanted to get in front of the camera and share their thoughts on what made Hull Fashion Week the event it was and they even shared the hints and tips they’d learnt from our retailers/events (which you can see from their film).

Ammie and Jen attended all of the events at Hull Fashion Week 2015 and couldn’t have asked for two more hard-working and capable girls and their hard work and determination can be evidently seen from watching their film.

Look forward to having them back next year!”

Here is the email he sent: Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.55.26