What went well?

  • I really enjoyed writing up the interviews with Jools and Ian, and taking their ucompanying photographs. I’m really happy with how both spreads turned out, I feel they look professional, simple, and would appeal to my target market in both terms of content and visually.
  • I also enjoyed putting together the cooking recipe feature and the street style double page spread. I think that the fashion feature looks similar to a spread taken from the pages of Cosmopolitan or Look magazine. I’m happy with its overall layout, and I liked creating the outfits myself using Polyvore. The recipe double page spread was enjoyable to do i terms of shopping for the ingredients, making the food, and comparing my finished products to the ones shown in student recipe books. Using this approach forms a link between what the feature is about and being a student. I’m also pretty happy with how the pages look as a finished spread in Unimag.

What didn’t work so well?

  • One of my initial ideas was to have the back cover of the magazine be an upcoming event chart for the readers to use for themselves. Unfortunately, since the end of the university year was approaching when the magazine would be completed, events were limited in number, meaning I wouldn’t have had enough to fill the page.
  • Something that not necessarily didn’t work, but I had to limit was the amount of images used in my recipe spread. Throughout the cooking process, I took many photographs that I wanted to use on the pages, but limited space meant I had to restrain from putting many of them in. I did use some of the photographs on the contents page, to highlight one of the main stories in the magazine.