As I had already created a Wix website for myself in first year, I adapted and updated it for the degree show, in order to display my best work in an online portfolio. I wanted to keep the pages separate (one for print, one for video, one for websites, etc.) so that the visitors can navigate to the sections themselves when they come to view my work in my section of the room. http://jenniferleeman.wix.com/jenniferleeman

I selected my favourite videos that I have produced, some examples of my best print articles (including the magazine I created for my Major Project), as well as the website I made for the novelist John Green in my first year of university. I felt this broad range of work would show my skills off, and would keep and audience busy and entertained for their time spent at my workstation.

I designed the portfolio to keep with the colour scheme and font of my business cards. The main page of my portfolio is an about me section, including and image of me holding a camera, which identifies and depicts my main interest in the area of journalism. As I had experience with creating websites using Wix previously, I found it easy, simple and quick to put together a body of work that I thought would present me as a business person well.