Designing and Decorating Our Space

As money was an issue for us, we decided to be DIY with our decorating choices with the room. Becky initially made some newspaper buntings to hang up around the room, and Ammie, Brad and I decorated the two walls at either side of our main screen with newspapers and magazine clippings. This kept with our theme of journalism progressing from solely print-based media, to digital, which is what most of our work in our portfolios were.

After completing our first newspaper wall, we were a bit sceptical about whether it looked good enough, but after pasting the wall, we were happy enough with it in the end.

We finished the magazine wall the next day, which we were instantly happy with as it gave the room more colour and framed our show reel screen nicely with the newspapers and magazine clippings either side of it.


Our initial reason for papering these walls was to indicate that newspapers is where journalism started, which then progressed to magazines, which then progressed to web and video, indicated in our room with the use of our show reels on the next wall.


I measured the podiums that we wanted to order where we displayed the iPads and 2 Macs. Ammie, Brad and I then took the measurements to Mally so that he could make them for us.

We as a group also decided to order balloons in our branding colours to lighten up the room and make it more of an event rather than a ‘boring’ room only used for showcasing our work. We ordered 10 sets of green and white balloons that we placed around the space. Combined with the bunting, I think this made our room look more fun, but still professional enough for people to take our displayed work seriously.


We intially designed and painted our own DIY logo board to display above the cube displays, but in the end we did not use it for our room.