Degree Show Evaluation

Our degree show was overwhelmingly successful. With the inclusion of our event in the Business Week calendar, we attracted a large amount of people, not only our invitees. The feedback we received from visitors was great, and lots of them left notes on our message wall, which was nice to read.

I was very happy with the comments made about my portfolio, especially the videos because that’s where my passion lies. The week leading up to the show was also great as the group worked so well together and we really listened to each other’s thoughts, feelings and ideas on how to make the event and the room’s design the best we could.

In my individual section of the room, I set out my business cards in front of the Mac which was displaying my portfolio. This way, those browsing through my work could take a card if they were interested in my work. Ammie and I talked to a lot of the visitors, not only during our Sofa Talk chats, but also in our room as they looked through our work.

My favourite part of the night was conducting the Sofa Talks with Ammie. We were able to talk more in depth with the visitors and ask them questions, which in turn gave them an opportunity to be intrigued by what we have produced and what we hope to produce in the future. As our room is relatively small, we had to set up our filming space between the Web and Journalism rooms. Although, I don’t think this issue deterred the success of the Sofa Talk. Visitors did pop their heads through the door to see what was going on, giving them a chance to see a live talk show up close. If I were to organise the degree show again and space wasn’t an issue, I would have looked for a space where visitors would be able to sit in an audience and watch the interviews rather than stand outside of the room we were in on Friday.   

 I was really happy with how the show reels looked; the section of the room looked professional and showcased some of the work we as a group were most proud of. I also liked that we decided to place out business cards in front of our respective screens as an original way of name-tagging our areas.

Another area where improvement could have been made was with the design of the room. Even though I thought the room looked great, clean and professional, I do think that we could have provided more identification with our green and white theme. Not just with our balloons. Unfortunately, this was due to money issues, as there was only five of us, we could not afford to produce more than we did. If this wasn’t the case, we would have designed and ordered posters and banners for the room. 
In conclusion, I am incredibly proud of the work we put into the show and the finished product. The experience of working with my peers was great as all had great ideas and contributed to the task at hand. Our planning was our best asset, and I think our ideas made for a great experience for not only us, but those visiting to view our work.