Show Reels

For my individual show reel, I wanted to just include examples of my video work, as this meant it didn’t pause and would keep the viewer entertained throughout. I wanted to show clips of me presenting and interviewing, but also examples of my camerawork; in this case, the shots of me travelling up and down escalators. I am very happy with the end result, I kept it short but I think it is engaging, even without the use of sound.

The main show reel showing all of the group’s work will be shown on the big screen. We decided that we should include soundbites of us individually saying our thoughts on the course. We felt this would be a good way to highlight our experiences throughout the years at HSAD in a short and snappy way. Ammie also asked us to read the professional feedback of the other students as a unique way for the visitors to listen to thoughts on our work from business people.