Social Media Presence

In order to promote our event, we decided that we should set up a social media account for our degree show. This meant that we could update our followers on the progress of our project. We named our Twitter handle @JDMFuture to represent the developing sector and that the future of journalism is digital.

Becky designed posters that we could send out to business people on Twitter. Brad sent them individually to people in the industry.


Brad decided to man the social media, which we also decided to use to send out our video invitations as well as using email.


Brad retweeted people who supported our degree show in order to reach a wider audience. A lot of people tweeted out our posters and such, thus spreading the message of our event and making people aware that our degree show was happening and when it was taking place.

       Another thing Becky decided to post was a countdown to the event. She created quick images to make our followers aware that the event is fast approaching; a visual attracts the audience more than a simple tweet only including text.

We also used the platform more in the last week leading up to the degree show, posting images of our preparation of the room and our progress in the practical tasks we were carrying out.