Working as a Group

As a way of keeping on top of our project and in order to communicate effectively as a group, we joined the Google+ group chat. On the chat, we could post our designs, comments, and more so that we could be proactive with our tasks and keep in touch with everyone.

I found it helpful, as we could each support each other and help each other out with things more effectively. It was also a way to not leave anyone out, knowing that everyone will get the message if they regularly checked the Google+.

If the matter was small and unimportant in the long run, we would use a group chat on Twitter, as this meant it was quick and easy for us to reply to one another.

Because we had multiple platforms to contact each other on, communication was not a problem. The main platform was obviously the Google+ chat, but because we are also friends, we could use Twitter and text messages to keep on top of everything.