Client 2- Troubles with Filming

Yesterday, we attended the House of Fraser catwalk event. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with drinks, including orange juice and an assortment of wines.

Our friend Hannah was also there, hoping to capture the goings on. A lady then approached Hannah to inform her that filming will be prohibited at the event. Ammie then rang Adam from Sowden & Sowden to explain what the lady had said. Once he arrived at the event, he spoke at length with the manager to explain what we intended to film.

Before the first catwalk started, Adam told us that, unfortunately, were not allowed to film at the event because of branding guidelines. Adam apologised to us, saying he wasn’t aware he would have to do this, and he thought there would be no problem for us to film the event. Ammie, Hannah and I decided to stay for the fashion show, which was good, but focused entirely on occasionwear.

Following the catwalk, a lady from a hair company gave us a demonstration, and then we were free to wander around the beauty counters on the ground floor of House of Fraser. We were given personal demonstrations at the Dior and Benefit beauty counters, for foundation and mascara.

Before leaving the event, we asked Adam to double check with Debenhams to make sure we had permission to film at their catwalk event is happening later on today. (Thursday April 9, 2015). When we left, we were giving a gift bag, including a few makeup products like sample foundation and perfume.

Overall, it was a huge learning lesson: always check we have permission to film!

Documentary Research- YouTube

As with the research subjects I found, Vlogbrothers and Good Mythical Morning, Ammie also found this channel: Nicole Guerriero, a beauty vlogger who also uses the direct-to-camera technique, as if speaking to the audience at home. In the video that Ammie found, Nicole Guerriero talks about her experience of seeing how her makeup line is being made, whilst walking around the factory and testing out the products herself, intercut with pieces to camera. This is similar to what Ammie and I aim to do with our video of Fashion Week. Here’s the url to the video:

screen-shot-2015-05-21-at-16-24-08 screen-shot-2015-05-21-at-16-26-57

Photography Subject 3

The third and final person I photographed for my environmental portraiture assignment was amateur photographer, Jessica. I took the photographs of her outside taking photos as her interest is nature photography- flowers/plants etc. Using inspiration from the second set of photographs I took, of water colour painter, Marjorie, I shot Jessica from more interesting angles but took photographs that could still be considered as portrait images. I shot the photographs on manual F8, on my Nikon digital SLR.