CATS Week 6

Audiences and clients

Do you make a product to please an audience or to create one?

In the session we looked at Bowling for Columbine about the gun laws in the United States (which was mostly aimed at the American people who use and own guns), and An Inconvenient Truth about global warming (which was aimed at all members of society, but mostly people who own cars and other possessions that could be damaging the Earth).

Demographics: age, gender, social status, education, and so on.

We also looked at This World: Don’t Panic- which was a talk about how far humans have come, and the progress we have made as one people in the last 100+ years. This was aimed at mostly rich, well educated members of society, however, the audience at the talk was a very eclectic mix of ages, genders and races.

Professional Context Report: Proposal

In this project I shall investigate what I will need to carry out in order to achieve my professional career goals.

My professional targets

The first professional target is to gain work experience placements and/or internships at appropriate media companies so that I can develop my professional profile and figure out which path I want to follow in my future career. The tasks I will need to perform to help me expand my experience in different media outlets is to market myself online in an appropriate manner so that I can make business contacts and build a platform for my online work portfolio via WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. As I already have two work experience placements, I shall document what tasks I carry out in the workplace via a weekly diary.

The second professional target I want to achieve is developing my application idea for mobile devices with creative companies that can enable me to create more in depth designs, and market my product. As well as this, this experience will help me broaden my field of expertise and establish myself further in the media sector. In order to achieve this in the future, I shall research companies and the process that other app creators have gone through when producing their phone application.

The third and final professional target is to research the media job markets in Manchester/Salford and London as these cities provide the widest media and journalism career pool in the UK and I would like to move to one of these cities so that I can achieve success in my career. To do this, I will investigate online what experience and other requirements the job positions ask for in applicants when they apply for jobs in the journalism and media fields. I will document my findings through my WordPress blog.

CATS Week 4 & 5

In the week 4 session of CATS, we discussed what professional practice is; for example, it is where a student is required to extend their knowledge ans skills within a practical environment- like a working setting. This is where work experience and internships come in.

Some pointers we were given during the lecture were to be confident during an interview, or when you are on a work placement; know your stuff and the company you are meeting with; dress appropriately and smartly when you are going to meet with business people or you are going to your internship; and make sure that your personality shines through during your chats/interviews.

In week 5, we discussed ethics. The right and wrongs and moral behaviour. This included talking about ethos- the way you live your life and your personal principles. “Humans can be ethical and morally balanced, because we are capable of reasoning.”

There are 2 types of ethics to consider: they are absolute ethics- which cannot be changed, and relative ethics- which are context dependent.

Absolute ethics: cultures imposing values on another by claiming monopoly on moral truth. For example, racism.

Relative ethics: application can be changed depending on the time and the place. For example, women wearing a Burka.

What makes something moral? If they reflect an individual’s values and those of society.

What makes something immoral? If they go against and individuals or society’ values.

Certainties: happiness is preferable to misery; dignity is preferable to humiliation; it’s bad that people suffer, but worse when a culture turns a blind eye to suffering; death is worse than life; attempt to find a common point of view is better than manipulative contempt.

CATS- Week 3

In the session, we were properly introduced to our Professional Context Report for our CATS project. This covered our assignment brief which broke down the project into 4 sections, including the proposal, documentation, evaluation & conclusion, and the bibliography. Our homework for next week was to write up the first draft of the proposal which covers what we are going to investigate, what tasks we need to complete in order to achieve the targets, how to document it, what reading will be required to meet the targets, and to provide a rough time scale when each target should/will be met.

We then covered professionalism and the meaning of professional practice.

Professional practice: where a student is required to extend knowledge and skills within a practical environment.

What is professionalism? Inner strength, sound judgement, know-how, business savvy, mature, personal responsibility, problem solving perseverance, ingenuity.

Confidence: know your stuff and the company, dress smartly, be personable.

CATS- Week 2

In the second CATS lesson, we discussed employment. This included standard employment, non-standard employment, self employment etc, and social structures.

Standard employment: contract between the employee and their employer, long-term employment at one specific location, regular pay, sick pay benefits, and protection of pension.

Non-standard employment: short-term contracts between the employer and employee, the worker has multiple part time jobs.

If a person isn’t in standard or non-standard employment, they may be self employed, volunteering, doing domestic labour, or getting paid for work for gain but not for tax, social security, or employment law compliance.

Social structures included capitalism, government and monarchy, religion, the middle class, the armed forces, and labourers and working class. (Marxism)

Identity: “A business or organisation may have a legal identity, a corporate identity, which communicates values as well as a more informal reputation.”
“Work affects our sense of self and the way that others see us, they are our self and social identities.”

CATS Introduction

In the first session of CATS, we went through the assignment brief, course handbook, and the week by week plan of the lectures. The first lesson topic was finding the path we would like to take within our specific fields- after watching two videos from the TED Talks — which were about how media is affecting our lives, and jobs as a result, and you need passion to succeed in whichever careers we want for ourselves — we were asked to fill out a table that included 3 goals we wanted for our careers, and why we thought that would help us in our futures.

Overall, I thought this first session was very useful as I have a clearer understanding of the future of the job market and how technology will continue to be beneficial for all aspects of life. Also, I was inspired to take on all experiences and pieces of work that may come my way as they will aid me and help me further my career in the media sector.