Media Coverage of Ammie and I/Hull Fashion Week

Hull Daily Mail:

Hull Fashion Week Video- Part 2

Here is the second and final part to our Hull Fashion Week 2014 video coverage. Again, I’m really happy with how the video turned out. The video has been uploaded to our YouTube account and we’ve placed it on our Wix site.

Client Feedback

“Ammie and Jen approached HullBID with the offer of producing a Hull Fashion Week video, covering the event from early planning stages to the grand finale at Hull City Hall. Working with these budding filmmakers was brilliant, they attended the events with plenty of enthusiasm and blended in with the professionals at the media launch of Hull Fashion Week. Not only did Ammie and Jen provide an excellent service in capturing Hull Fashion Week on film, they also got really involved in the activities – such as taking part in makeovers – with their personalities bringing Hull Fashion Week to life for those who didn’t experience it in person.” – Alana Ennis, HullBID

Self-Initiated Project- End of Year Review

For my self-initiated project, I collaborated with fellow student Ammie McGowan to create a series of videos of Hull Fashion Week. Firstly, working with Ammie was a great experience as we are similar in personality but had individual qualities to bring to the task.

Although we had a false start with our first client dropping out, we quickly bounced back to find something that would be even more challenging, but a lot more fun and creative than our original proposal.

I thoroughly enjoyed filming Hull Fashion Week as a whole, especially working for HullBID and Sowden & Sowden, who gave us both full creative controls over what we would produce. The help that Sowden & Sowden and HullBID gave us throughout the project was fantastic, and I’d love to work for them on future filming projects.

Each event that we attended during the week gave us lots of great footage to use and edit together, and it was a successful filming experience. Polly from Sowden & Sowden gave us insight into which events would be best to capture on camera, so we had a solid plan of our filming process and events we would stop by at.

Our social media networks were super as we used them as a platform to gain a following and interact with the people we were working with, but also the members of the public who went to the Fashion Week’s events.

My proudest moment during this module had to be when Ammie and I were featured in the Hull Daily Mail, and I’m extremely grateful to HullBID and Sowden & Sowden for organising that for us. The media coverage got us publicity and a chance to get our names out there as professional businesspeople.

Another surprising moment was when the company Strata contacted Ammie and I through email, as they saw what we were doing on our Twitter account. I really enjoyed writing the piece for them; they wanted a blog post about Hull Fashion Week’s highlights. I also gave them some images that I captured of the Fashion Week launch, which they used to accompany my blog post.

Overall, this has been a great experience, and has given me the confidence to think I could do something like this freelance in the future, or even set up a business with Ammie, filming events.

My Fashion Week Blog for Strata Homes

Strata Homes got in touch with Ammie and I asking if we would write a Fashion Week round-up blog post following the Hull Fashion Week finale. Of course, we jumped at the offer, and I wrote a blog post that they put up on their blog section of their website. They also included some of the photographs I took of the launch event.

You can find the post here: My Fashion Week Blog for Strata Homes

Filming- 3/5/2014

On Saturday, May 3rd, Ammie and I filmed the finale of Hull Fashion Week. This included getting interviews with business owners taking part in Fashion Week, some of the catwalk models, Polly the Fashion Week organiser, and hosts of the Ultimate Catwalk Finale, Lizzie Rose and Luke Chambers (aka Nineties Boy). As well as this, we shot some of the catwalk shows and performers throughout the day.

The experience was great, and we concluded filming getting all of the shots and interviews that we wanted to.

Filming- 30/4/2014 (Fashion Show)

Ammie and I filmed the Hull College student fashion show at St Stephen’s Shopping Centre. As well as filming the event itself, afterwards we spoke to two fashion students who were involved in the event about the organisation process and what they thought after the fashion show had concluded. This gave us the opportunity to show student involvement in Hull Fashion Week and get their views on how well they did.

Filming- 28/4/2014

On Monday night, Ammie and I went to Reel Cinema, St Stephen’s, to film the Girls Night In event for Hull Fashion Week in aid of Cash for Kids. Footage we captured included shots of the crowd dressed in their pyjamas, the raffle prize draw, and a Sex and the City quiz, before a showing of the Sex and the City movie. We also filmed our pieces to camera.

Filming- 26/4/2014

On Saturday April 26th, we filmed the launch event for Hull Fashion Week 2014. The event included Ammie, myself, and our helper Becky filming and photographing the mobile catwalk show as it travelled around the main shopping centres and department stores in Hull city centre.

The footage we shot will be put into our 2-part film for our Self-Initiated Project module.