Client 2- Feedback

Adam Clark from Sowden & Sowden was kind enough to provide us with feedback of our working relationship with him and our final product for Hull Fashion Week 2015:

“Having Ammie and Jen as part of the Hull Fashion Week team for a second year was great – great from an event organiser point of view and even better when we got to see the final product:

Being the conscientious and outgoing personalities that Ammie and Jen are, they approached me and the HFW team back in December to see if they could be a part of the event again, to which of course I said yes – my only concern was that I didn’t want them to film the event like they did last year, I wanted them to take a different approach and challenged them to create a new and exciting addition of Sofa Talk.

They both came back to me with a variety of ideas and we stuck to take a much more interview style approach – as this idea grew, they both wanted to get in front of the camera and share their thoughts on what made Hull Fashion Week the event it was and they even shared the hints and tips they’d learnt from our retailers/events (which you can see from their film).

Ammie and Jen attended all of the events at Hull Fashion Week 2015 and couldn’t have asked for two more hard-working and capable girls and their hard work and determination can be evidently seen from watching their film.

Look forward to having them back next year!”

Here is the email he sent: Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.55.26

Evaluation of Hull Fashion Week 2015 Documentary

What worked well?

  • Our organisation with attending and filming the events. I liked that we approached this video in a documentary style, which makes it different than the one we produced for Hull Fashion Week last year. I had fun being more involved on camera with the video, and it gave the video a more personal, light-hearted and comical feel. This year, we were able to get more access to the preparation for the finale, being given the chance to film catwalk rehearsals. This gives off the documentary feel, as it lets the audience know what goes on behind the scenes and what goes into organising a major event like Fashion Week.
  • Some of the pieces to camera were improvised by Ammie and I, which gives a spontaneous feel, which I liked. I also love giving Ammie tips on what shots to include in the final video (editing is mostly her area) but I’m nitpicky and I always have feedback for her to improve certain bits of the video or asking to replace certain shots with ones I feel fit better with the flow of the video. All the footage we captured throughout the week was fab and it would have been great to include it all, but unfortunately the video would have been 3 hours plus long!I really enjoyed being director (but not bossy) with choosing how to film the events. I also think I have a good eye for what would be interesting to the viewer, so I think directing myself and Ammie to capture the most interesting goings on was fun and enjoyable.
  • I think our good working relationship with the client, Sowden & Sowden, was nice to have. Adam was supportive of all our little ideas and our vision for the video, and trusted us with whatever we wanted to do. We gave him a plan of what we wanted to include in the documentary and did not feel any pressure from him during the filming or editing process.
  • I feel that the footage we have captured this year, and the inclusion of Ammie and I actually taking to the cameras, will help set it apart from our 2014 video. I also think this video will make for better viewing and we have improved on our video production skills.

What didn’t work so well?

  • The main thing for me was the filming trouble at House of Fraser’s catwalk event. Not being able to film because of brand guidelines was a major dissappointment, as we wanted to include as much footage of the week as possible. Adam wasn’t aware that filming wasn’t allowed at the event, so we turned up expecting to capture footage.
  • One of our SD cards did not work when put into our video camera, so that was irritating. Luckily, I carried multiple spares in case something like this happened.

What would I improve?

  • I wouldn’t improve anything from this experience. On a whole, I feel that the pre-production and filming process went so smoothly for me. I feel my working relationship with Ammie is a big acheivement as we support each other and bring out each other’s strengths. We work well as a team and have our own skills, but can also overlap with skills to help improve each other as working professionals. Comparing what we produced last year to this year’s video, it is evident that we have expanded our filming ability and also our interviewing skills. We have also become more confident in front of the camera.

Using Our Social Media

Throughout the week of Hull Fashion 2015, Ammie and I made sure we regularly updated our Twitter account and retweeted tweets relating to the events of the day.


We retweeted accounts such as Prospect Shopping Centre, Hull Fashion Week, Hull Hour, and Sowden & Sowden.


We tweeted our video out once we had uploaded it to YouTube, and we got a number of retweets and favourites.


A professional photographer, Thomas Arran, whom we met whilst filming, then tweeted out our video to his followers. We then retweeted his tweet.


Our clients tweeted out our video and encouraged their followers to watch. Ammie and I were happy with their initial positive response.


Client 2- Filming

Over the past week or so, Ammie and I have been busy filming Hull Fashion Week 2015 for our clients. We decided that more Ammie and Jen presence on screen would make for a more interesting and personable feel to our videos, so using this, we conducted interviews with some of the people involved whilst also being in the video. We will be editing the footage we have gathered over the next few weeks and the film should be ready for our clients at the end of the month (April 2015).

Client 2- Filming Fashion Week Finale

Today was the Fashion Week finale at Hull City Hall. Ammie and I got there early, at about 10am, to film the shenanigans and last minute prep backstage with the models. We got access all areas passes and Fahion Week 2015 t-shirts in order to be able to film wherever we wanted.

The launch of the finale happened again on the City Hall balcony, with the presenters, Keeley Donovan and Nineties Boy, and models letting off baloons in Fashion Week’s signature colour, pink!

We filmed backstage were the models were getting beautified. We also filmed our friend Becky getting her makeup done by the makeup artist working at the event. To get different angles for this, Ammie filmed Becky’s face, and I filmed the makeup artist applying the products. This would make the footage in the video more interesting than one long shot. It also gives viewers the chance to see what goes on backstage and gives them a few tips about makeup!

Later on, we went to Theiving Harry’s set up upstairs in City Hall, we tried out some of the snacks and this will give the documentary a more personable and light-hearted feel to it, which matches well with the subject matter.

We filmed all the catwalks, including promwear, workwear, sportswear and more. To make the video feel more inclusive, we captured audience reactions, in particularly when Paul Spence and his friends walked the catwalk, and afterwards when the men took their shirts off to throw into the crowd.

We used different angles to film the catwalks, which included high birds eye view shots, close ups, shots from the front of the stage and the sides. This was in order for the audience to see the fashion in different ways and to make the end product more varied in terms of footage and angles.

Becky also helped out with camera work when Ammie and I wanted to do a piece to camera, informing the viewers what was happening throughout the day. Overall, I think the finale was much better than last year’s. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the event was consistently busy all day.

Client 2- Filming Fashion Week (10/4/15)

Yesterday, we had so much to film. It wa a packed day filled with events, from the finale rehearsals, to Prospect Centre’s Fashion Week party.

Firstly, we attended the fashion shows held at Debenhams department store. This also included a free gift bag (which was massive!) filled with face creams, perfume samples, hand creams, and much more. The attendance was limited to 12 people or so, but each time the seats were filled. The catwalks were varied in gender and age, meaning there was something for everyone, and Debenhams made use of the escalators by incorporating them into the runway.


Next up, we went to Skyline Studios where the models were rehearsing for the finale catwalks. They were taught how to walk and to make use of their time on the catwalk to make it interesting with different poses and such. Paul Spence and his charity then arrived to practice their walk down the runway, and were encouraged by everyone to take their tops off! (No complaints about that from anyone.)

Ammie and I filmed the rehearsals from different angles, giving variety to the shots. Afterwards, Ammie and I attempted our own runway walks, which we also filmed. This gives the video a funny and upbeat feel for the viewers.


Following the rehearsals, Ammie and I attended the party at Prospect Centre to celebrate Fashion Week 2015. We were greeted at the entrance and told there would be free drinks all night. Inside, there was a dancefloor, a photobooth, a make-your-own-cocktail station, and our video from last year was also looped on screens around the event space.


The party was great fun, and the vibe was relaxed and cool. We filmed ourselves having fun in the photobooth with other attendees, and also us dancing and having fun. We also filmed Adam Clark (of Sowden & Sowden, who organised the whole week’s events) having a laugh with props in the photobooth.

Client 2- Filming Girls Night In

Tonight we filmed the Girls Night In event at Reel Cinema in St Stephens. We arrived early, but we were still greeted by a line outside the event. Additionally, hair consultations were being carried out in the space outside of the cinema, and people who had tickets to the event were treated to free boxes of popcorn and champagne(!!)

There was also the fun photobooth with props, and Ammie and I had a lot of fun in it. The booth also proved popular with other event attendees.

We managed to get a lot of footage of the ladies waiting for the event to start and people getting the hair consultations, but as we actually got into the screen were the film was being shown, the room was far too dark for either of us to get usable footage. Apart from this small hiccup, Girls Night In was a good event to film, much like last year’s.

Client 2- Filming the Fashion Week Launch

Yesterday was the launch event of Hull Fashion Week 2015!

The event itself was much the same as last year’s launch, with some of the models and promotional staff walking around the city centre with a boom box. This year, the group were given pink promo balloons and the weekly event guide to hand out to passing members of the public.

At this event, I was the sole camerawoman as what was happening was minimal, and the shots were quite limited in diversity. I basically followed the models around town, capturing moments of interest.

Below is a photo of Ammie, Hannah and I getting out the promotional pink balloons for the models and staff to give out.