Sofa Talk

As an extension to one of Ammie’s projects, and to showcase what kind of journalism Ammie and I want to enter into, we decided to put on a Sofa Talk during the degree show. We intend to interview the important professional business people who visit our room to view our work. We feel this will be a great opportunity to actively show what we can do as a pair, which will be good for prospective employers to see.

We will set up a sofa and chair, cameras and a backdrop outside of our room so that we can invite visitors to talk to us about themselves, their work, and our work, on camera.


Ian Feature Content

As the interview was filmed, I had to transcribe the speech into text. I knew that the interview was long in length so I watched it through and identified the man content that I wanted to include in my interview story. I then transcribed it into a word document which I could then transfer into my magazine on InDesign.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.45.31I then placed the text into the document, in columns, on Unimag. I made the questions that were asked to Ian green in colour so that the readers can distinguish myself and Ammie from Ian’s responses.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.46.29This is a page from the final edit of the magazine:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.49.41

Room Planning

The first thing we did as a group was develop ideas and plans on how we wanted the room to be set out for the event. We, at first, did a quick sketch, indicating where we want the show reels, the social media hub, and our podiums for the Macs and computer tablets.


We redid the plan more professionally once we officially decided what we were going to do with the room.


Ammie then took the idea and did a 3D design in order to show Steve and Mally how we intend the room to look.
The main point of the social media hub at the centre of the room was to identify the fact that social media is a big part of journalism, and is constantly growing in importance within the industry. What we will also include that hasn’t been identified is mine and Ammie’s Sofa Talk which will be taking place outside of our room.


Jools Feature Content

For Jools’ story, I transcribed the video interview from YouTube and placed the text into a word document. This way I could edit the speech down and select the key parts of the interview so I got the best content into my interview feature. I could also copyedit my own writing more thoroughly by reading it in a word document, rather than typing straight into InDesign.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 13.08.47I then transferred the content into my InDesign document, and edited the textboxes until I felt that it looked professional enough.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 13.12.03I added the images after the text had been fitted. Afterwards, I tweaked the page and the text columns until I was happy with the way it looked.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 13.12.57

Choosing Images of Ian for the Spread

For Ian’s interview, I wanted to have images showing how he has turned his life around. To indicate this, I got shots of him smiling and laughing, which would give the readers a visual of him being happy and back on his feet after his ordeal. The image I chose for the main photograph was one I really liked of him laughing:

DSCF0915These are some of the other images I captured of Ian during our photoshoot, which I liked:

DSCF0912The reason I chose the photo of him laughing as the main image was because it fits nicely with the topic of the story; uplifting and shows him happy with his life again.

Choosing an Image for the Front Cover

I wanted have a candid image of Jools to be the photo on the front cover. I felt that this type of image would interest passersby to pick up the magazine. Because of the subject of Jools’ story, I also felt that a serious image would fit well with the seriousness of Jools’ real life feature.

I had a number of options to use, but I ended up picking this photograph:

DSCF0929These are the other options I had:

DSCF0924 DSCF0926I felt that the two above images were too bland in the background, and the image I ended up using is brighter and has a better colour contrast than the other dark images that I took of Jools.

Setting Up Interviews

To set up interviews with the subjects of my feature stories, I approached Jools and Ian face-to-face. I made sure that they were comfortable enough with me publishing their stories in my magazine, and asked if there was anything that was of limits in terms of past occurrances in their lives. Both were comfortable enough with me (and Ammie) to interview them on camera.

Jools was the first interview conducted, on March 11, 2015. I interviewed Ian with Ammie on May 1, 2015. Also on May 1, I photographed both Jools and Ian for their features, which included a 20 minute shoot outside the Hull School of Art & Design’s grounds.



Evaluation of Hull Fashion Week 2015 Documentary

What worked well?

  • Our organisation with attending and filming the events. I liked that we approached this video in a documentary style, which makes it different than the one we produced for Hull Fashion Week last year. I had fun being more involved on camera with the video, and it gave the video a more personal, light-hearted and comical feel. This year, we were able to get more access to the preparation for the finale, being given the chance to film catwalk rehearsals. This gives off the documentary feel, as it lets the audience know what goes on behind the scenes and what goes into organising a major event like Fashion Week.
  • Some of the pieces to camera were improvised by Ammie and I, which gives a spontaneous feel, which I liked. I also love giving Ammie tips on what shots to include in the final video (editing is mostly her area) but I’m nitpicky and I always have feedback for her to improve certain bits of the video or asking to replace certain shots with ones I feel fit better with the flow of the video. All the footage we captured throughout the week was fab and it would have been great to include it all, but unfortunately the video would have been 3 hours plus long!I really enjoyed being director (but not bossy) with choosing how to film the events. I also think I have a good eye for what would be interesting to the viewer, so I think directing myself and Ammie to capture the most interesting goings on was fun and enjoyable.
  • I think our good working relationship with the client, Sowden & Sowden, was nice to have. Adam was supportive of all our little ideas and our vision for the video, and trusted us with whatever we wanted to do. We gave him a plan of what we wanted to include in the documentary and did not feel any pressure from him during the filming or editing process.
  • I feel that the footage we have captured this year, and the inclusion of Ammie and I actually taking to the cameras, will help set it apart from our 2014 video. I also think this video will make for better viewing and we have improved on our video production skills.

What didn’t work so well?

  • The main thing for me was the filming trouble at House of Fraser’s catwalk event. Not being able to film because of brand guidelines was a major dissappointment, as we wanted to include as much footage of the week as possible. Adam wasn’t aware that filming wasn’t allowed at the event, so we turned up expecting to capture footage.
  • One of our SD cards did not work when put into our video camera, so that was irritating. Luckily, I carried multiple spares in case something like this happened.

What would I improve?

  • I wouldn’t improve anything from this experience. On a whole, I feel that the pre-production and filming process went so smoothly for me. I feel my working relationship with Ammie is a big acheivement as we support each other and bring out each other’s strengths. We work well as a team and have our own skills, but can also overlap with skills to help improve each other as working professionals. Comparing what we produced last year to this year’s video, it is evident that we have expanded our filming ability and also our interviewing skills. We have also become more confident in front of the camera.

Using Our Social Media

Throughout the week of Hull Fashion 2015, Ammie and I made sure we regularly updated our Twitter account and retweeted tweets relating to the events of the day.


We retweeted accounts such as Prospect Shopping Centre, Hull Fashion Week, Hull Hour, and Sowden & Sowden.


We tweeted our video out once we had uploaded it to YouTube, and we got a number of retweets and favourites.


A professional photographer, Thomas Arran, whom we met whilst filming, then tweeted out our video to his followers. We then retweeted his tweet.


Our clients tweeted out our video and encouraged their followers to watch. Ammie and I were happy with their initial positive response.